There's something so charming about a DIY kid's costume that's been crafted with love, especially when it's been totally customized to fit the child's personality. When you put together a homemade Halloween costume from scratch, you know your child will have a unique look that will help them stand out from the rest of the trick-or-treaters on the block or at the Halloween party.

The good news is that these DIY kid Halloween costume ideas are not only budget-friendly, meaning you won't break the bank before the holiday season really kicks in, but they're also extremely easy to create. So it doesn't matter if you're a pro with a glue gun or have never stepped foot in a craft store, there's an easy kids Halloween costume idea on this list you can create in a flash. This curated list of homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids is sure to get everyone feeling ready for the spookiest holiday of the year.

Ms. Pac-Man might be on the search for some fruit, but your kid will definitely be on the hunt for some candy while donning this bright costume.

What you'll need: Hula-Hoop ($8, Amazon), Spray Paint ($24, Amazon), Ruler ($6, Amazon), Duct Tape ($5, Amazon), Exacto Knife ($8, Amazon), Large Cardboard ($17, Amazon)

What you'll need: Black Leggings ($29, Amazon), Longsleeve Shirt ($8, Amazon), Black Morphsuit ($36, Amazon), Black Felt ($6, Amazon), Black Feathers ($9, Amazon)

Up, up, and away! Off your kiddie will seem to go (but thankfully won't!) in this clever hot air balloons costume made with just a balloon and laundry basket.

What you'll need: Plastic Laundry Bin ($16,Walmart), Spray Paint ($24, Amazon), Twine ($6, Amazon), Balloons ($13, Amazon), Sandpaper ($8, Amazon)

What you'll need: Giant Frisbees ($20, Amazon), Spray Paint ($24, Amazon), Large Cardboard ($17, Amazon), Green Pipe Cleaners ($10, Amazon), Colored Bottle Caps ($9, Amazon), Straws ($10, Amazon), Napkins ($3, Amazon), Acrylic Paint ($18, Amazon), Garland ($14, Amazon)

Create your very own garden fairy princess with some tulle, fake flowers, and a hot glue gun. Feel free to choose you child's favorite color of material so she will be even more thrilled to put this homemade costume on come Halloween.

What you'll need:Tulle ($19, Amazon), Elastic ($11, Amazon), Ribbon ($12, Amazon), Flower Garland ($14, Amazon), Wire ($11, Amazon), Fairy Wings ($9, Amazon)

Transform your child into a work of art by dressing them in this easy-to-make watercolor paint box. With a variety of felt colors, thread, and a sewing machine, your child will look like a modern day Monet.

What you'll need: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Purple,White, Black and Brown Felt ($6, Amazon), Yellow Fleece ($7, Amazon), Velcro Fasteners ($12, Amazon), Spray Paint ($24, Amazon), Pipe Cleaners ($10, Amazon), Painter's Tape ($7, Amazon), Pool Noodle ($14, Amazon)

What you'll need: Green craft paint ($2, Amazon); green nylon strap ($6, Amazon); goggles ($7, Amazon)

If you've got an old garden hose laying around your garage, then this costume just became even easier (and cheaper!) to make.

What you'll need: Fake flowers ($13, Amazon); artificial turf ($20, Amazon); garden hose ($30, Amazon)

Whether you kid is a big swimmer or not, they'll love getting to pretend they're under the sea with this adorable octopus costume.

What you'll need: Pink stockings ($10, Amazon); pink hat ($11, Amazon); googly eyes ($9, Amazon); stuffing ($6, Amazon); suction cups ($8, Amazon)

Transform your child into everyone's favorite Greek god with a DIY toga, cotton ball beard, and paper lightning bolt.

What you'll need: White sheet ($12;, cotton balls ($7 for 100;, gold paper ($9,

Some strategically-applied face paint can turn anyone into a beautiful butterfly princess. Use a stencil that comes with the face paint set to nail the look.

What you'll need: Flower crown ($13;, fairy wings ($20;, face paint set ($20,

A black sweatshirt and some face paint transform your child into a spooky skeleton and keep them warm during a chilly Halloween night.

Face paint does it again! If your child has already declared herself a "cat person," she'll love to become one on Halloween night.

What you'll need: Brown hat ($7;, orange fleece ($6;, two shades of brown fleece ($12;, brown tutu ($5;, white felt ($8;

What you'll need: Foam chair pad ($6;, green styrofoam cone ($3;, mint fabric ($13,

What you'll need: foam hair curlers ($13;, pool inner tube ($6;, tan spray paint ($12;, pink spray paint ($7;

What you'll need: brown bath rug set ($24;, viking helmet ($8;, Thor hammer ($8;

The pun is very much intended with this adorable but comfy baby costume, which uses half of a Styrofoam ball for the yolk and red felt "horns" to make these eggs deviled.

What you'll need: styrofoam ball ($8;, red felt ($11;, yellow spray paint ($11;, white bodysuit ($9;, white hat ($7;

A quick trip to the fabric store (and maybe a look around the house) will get you everything you need for this Halloween costume, which pins petal-shaped felt to a sun hat and leaf-shaped felt to colorful ribbon.

What you'll need: sun hat ($13;, assorted felt colors ($15;, plastic watering can ($7;, forest green leggings ($8;, long-sleeved forest green shirt ($11;

To champion this costume you'll need gold everything. But that's what makes it easy: Buy white clothes and a sports ball, spray them with gold fabric spray paint and — voila — your kid's a winner!

What you'll need: basketball ($14;, white sweat headband and wrist bands ($10;, white sport shorts ($15;, white tank top ($15;, gold spray paint ($11;

Fantasy become reality when your kid transforms into this mythical creature. All you have to do is add a horn, ears, and mane to a white hoodie and leggings.

What you'll need: white hoodie ($16;, white leggings ($5;, white felt ($15;, pink yarn ($15,

Bundle them up in a red sweatshirt with pipe cleaner antennae eyes and claw-shaped gloves for a crustacean costume that's both cute and cozy.

What you'll need: red zip-up hooded sweatshirt ($27;, assorted felt colors ($15;, red pipe cleaners ($7;, red gloves ($7;

Who says candy has to be the only sweet treat on Halloween? This costume looks ambitious but is surprisingly simple to pull off. Just cover a laundry basket in wrapping paper, stuff in the frosting, and add a comfy cherry hat on top.

What you'll need: round plastic laundry basket ($25;, dotted wrapping paper ($10;, white tights ($15;, batting ($11;, white suspenders ($11;, red beanie ($4;

Bike helmet? Check. Oven mitts? Check. Rain boots? Check. Put these household items together and watch your kid channel Neil Armstrong on his next trick-or-treating expedition, which (luckily) will not be to a planet far, far away.

What you'll need: bike helmet ($25;, blue painter's tape ($5;, oven mitts ($10;, rain boots ($22;, silver spray paint ($11;, disposable aluminum roasting pan ($7;, white sweatpants ($17;, white sweatshirt ($7;

Whether your daughter is a fan of The Little Mermaid or just loves the sea, cupcake liners, ribbon, and a blue recycling bag create this pretty fish-inspired tail. Top the look off with a shiny crown and she will be channeling Ariel in no time!

What you'll need: cupcake liners ($10;, blue recycling bag ($17;, blue leotard (starting at $6;

Any child who loves Frozen will appreciate this sweet costume. Just don't be surprised if you have to blast the soundtrack while getting dressed.

What you'll need: white hoodie ($10;, orange, black, brown, and white felt ($10;, brown pipe cleaners ($4;, white stuffing ($8;

Change the color of the cape and hat to customize this kids costume into any fruit your little one loves most.

What you'll need: yellow felt ($10;, green felt ($15;, batting ($11;, leggings ($19;

In three easy steps you can turn your kid's sweat suit, a few pairs of athletic socks, batting, and bubble wrap into a tentacled creature from the deep, dark sea.

What you'll need: long purple athletic socks ($20;, purple hoodie ($23;, batting ($11;, round white labels ($16;, bubble wrap ($8;

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