The S40 audiometric booth is a healthcare product manufactured by SIBEL, S.A.U. – SIBELMED CE Class I according to the 93/42/CEE directive.

One of the main qualities of the SIBELMED S40 booth is its high level of acoustic insulation, up to 50 dB. It contains high-quality soundproofing and wooden materials that, together with the double-glazed window, guarantees an elegant and comfortable design.

It is compatible with all audiometers on the market, including computerized ones, having all the necessary connections.

The four panels are interchangeable, providing versatility and allowing the booth to adapt to the different spaces where it is to be installed (except model S40-D). In addition, the booth assembly system is quick and easy.

Dispone de ventilación por laberinto de serie. Este sistema se basa en un laberinto integrado en el techo que está recubierto de material aislante. Permite ventilar la cabina, al mismo tiempo que atenúa la transmisión sonora.

The B, C, E and F models have, as standard, the preinstallation necessary to carry out free-field tests with any audiometer on the market.

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