Having a good flow in the kitchen is essential no matter what you're cooking. If you have to stop and reach across the counter for your spoon, it's going to slow you down and distract from the deliciousness you're making. Never mind the fact that when you set your utensils down, you're often left with a drippy mess that needs cleaning up. Fortunately, Belwares' famous Spoon Dock provides a solution to all these kitchen quandaries.

This utensil holder clips on to the side of your pot so all of your stirring spoons and spatulas are easily accessible. It's designed to fit almost all round pots and saucepans, and can be used on gas, electric and induction cooktops.

When you use the Spoon Dock, the grease and leftover food from your spoons and utensils go inside of it instead of all over your countertop. You can dump the grease and give your Spoon Dock a quick rinse in the sink or pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The Spoon Dock can also stand alone as a utensil crock. And when you're not using it to store your kitchen tools, it conveniently doubles as a measuring cup.

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the Spoon Dock is a must-have for streamlining your process in the kitchen. Nab yours today, and see how much easier it is having this genius gadget in your corner.

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